Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lady's driver

I am on my way to work and listened to Hot FM which the deejays talk about an issue that have been raised in our parliment which i refer to my subject...They said that Lady's driver adalah penyebab kemalangan jalan raya..and they said that pemandu peremapuan ni not aware of their persekitaran while driving which then caused an incident to happen...

For me, we can't blame a driver because of their gender..so, kiranya, kita cakap pemandu tu cuai sbb dia perempuan...its awkward kan...sbb bg saya, sebenarnya "cuai" itu ada satu behaviour and depends on our attitude..so obviously, if incident happen is not because of the driver is a lady, its becoz of her/his behaviour or attitude..

so it seems very biased to blame us, a women, as a driver which one of the factor that can cause incident to happen..

This is just my thought..hmm, it depends on how we see with our own sight and angle..since everybody has their own thought and opinion...

Firefly out