Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hectic day

Alhamdulillah..settle separuh jalan of my master's project proposal..to be honest, i am struggling to finish it up...although i have yet submit the full report proposal to my supevisor..and it need to be send 2 weeks after presentation day which was yesterday..aiyooo...but despite all of bad memories of struggling...finally it is done...now i need to focus on the implemention..wish me the best..

oh ye...cerita yg sama i guess..i lost my spek mata..again n again...now, i have to use my very old spek mata...kabur kot..tapi leh la dari meraba-raba kan...hahahahha...ingat dulu arwah mak suh pakai spek mata ada tali...dia ckp gantung je terus..konpem x hilanh..hahahaha..

such a hectic day yesterday..dah la hari nk present..spek mata hilang..rumah jiran terbakar..aiyoo...but it hink i did well on the presentation..Alhamdulillah..

ok...sambung nanti..

Firefly out..

Muka smlm b4 present..cuak kot..