Sunday, May 7, 2017

Me and Myself

Being alone. I learnt to be independent. I learnt to get up when i fall. I learnt to heal my heart when i get hurt. I learnt to be tough when i feel weak. I learnt to be rational when i get confused.

I learnt, being alone does not mean lonely.
Allah s.w.t is always with me.
Mak and abah blessing is always with me.


Friday, May 5, 2017

My make up bag

I started having make up bag at the age of 30. Quite late is not it?hahaha..never borther about my face and appearance before..but since i am turning into 30 this year. Something must be change right. I am growing old i guess.
Nothing much in the bag, compact powder silky girl, BB cream Maybeline, eye liner silky girl few lipstick, rexona deadorant, hand lotion and bodyshop perfume. Thats it!
Nothing much right😅😅.


Spring cleaning : to throw and to keep

It is spring! It will be fabulous to be in Japan or korea as u can watch sakura blossoms or cherry blossoms. What a dream😅😊. But here i am, spring cleaning. Wondering what should i keep, what should i throw.Many things to be considered. Many peoples to be considered as well.

Seoson by seoson passed. Some major and minor changes happen. As season passed, your youth passed as well. I missed the old time, the only thoughts of having fun, learning to run and learning to fly. But it is all in the passed.

As season passed. I have learned so much. The things and peoples need to be keep. And the things and peoples need to throw. Setting up my priority. Not because of selfish me. But it is becouse of happy me.