Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Monday Night Market

Monday night market is back!..masa kecik2 dlu kt kawasan rumah saya ni ada pasar malam..kira panjang n byk la kedai..but as time goes by..tetibe byk kedai yg hilang one by one...then in the end, only left pakcik jual ayam goreng n air tahu je if im not mistaken..dah x ingat sangat sebab dah tua...but starting end of last year..bermula with 4-5 stalls skrg da ada more than 10 stalls i guess..they shifted the location from orignal location...and most the kedai mmg not from back then punye stall la..tp quite ok..byk gak makanan..ada kentang yg putar tu..ayam goreng..keropok lekor..burger..nasi ayam..nasi beriyani..char kuew teow..n many more...and there are few car booth sales for clothing,carpet etc..ha..perfect la kan..so kekawan yg stay around empangan batu or sg tua can come every monday night..they starting at 6 and pack up early at 9.30.. my fav is always kentang n keropok lekor...kami mmg x rajin beli makanan2 berat since my lil sis usually cook at home..so beli kudap kudapan je..top up nafsu makan yg besar..hu..

Ok..till then...firefly out..


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