Sunday, April 3, 2011

Me n Mr Perfect you guys think Mr perfect is really exist? Recently, i'm watching one of the show from Singapore's channeL SURIA..the story was quite interesting and plus the hero was so cute..he..the main reason i watch the drama...he...ada udang di sebalik mee...he..

Cerita pasal seorang perempuan yang bercita-cita tinggi nak naik dia tipu her boss for the sake nk naik pangkat, dia made up a story about her and her BF..she told her boss that her BF was Mr perfect, which mean a guy with a package(wealth,education,appearance and etc)..the problem arise when her boss wish to meet her imaginary BF..then she become panic coz how come she want to show her BF to her boss sedangkan her perfect BF dia tu sebenarnya tak wujud..then she plan with her friend to find her Mr Perfest which is Aidil make it short, then she found a guy which is opposite of her imaginary BF Aidil Salihin and upah that guy to be her BF...then she makeover that guy and train him to be Aidil salihin..during that process, they become more close and eventually they fall for each other...then..he..tengok sendiri la..kalau cerita semua tak feeling la kan...

so, sesape yang rajin leh la tgk preview cerita ni kt link bawah ni....dia ada part 1 and x sure kalau ada cerita penuh ke x..leh try google kt youtube kot...

As for me, am i looking for my Mr perfect..hmm to be honest,i'm not sure..most of my frenz said that i'm very choosy which the reason im still single right yeke..nk ckp saya memilih pn x jugak..sbbb kalau nk pilih mesti kena banyak pilihan..masalahnye skang,xde pilihan pn nk mcm mana drg ckp saya memilih lak kan..but seriously, its that wrong if im try to find someone that in my own perspective is the perfect guy..for doesn't matter if other people thinks that he is not a perfect long as for me..he i believed he is my "Wildan Firdaus"that are meant to be with me...kan3x..lagipun jodoh kita kan di tangan Allah s.w.t. saya percaya jodoh yang terbaik da tersurat untuk saya..cuma masa yang akan, mak...jangan risau2 sangat ape org nk ckp,samapai jodoh nanti use kawen...nanti mak nk wat kenduri 7 hari 7 mlm pn ude x kisah..he..gurau je..

  Firefly out..


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