Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What Next?

Its New year new eve...currently tgh lepak kt starbuck busy siapkan my proposal for FYP..bila la semua nightmare ni nak abes..hu..so, its 2014..as usual, here my vision & mission for 2014, 1. I need to lose weight 15 kg by June 2014..ha..nice x..thats mean, .. 2.5 kg per month.. .. 2. konvokesyen on October 2014.. .. 3. i need to go for holiday/vacation seriously ,smpan duit at least RM500 per month for that...i really want to go to Mecca..i need to find a mahram for that..hmm...Moga dipermudahkan.. .. 4. i will send princess for car wash at least once in twice week..hahahhaha..seriously? .. 5.get better job with salary more than rm10K perhaps?hahahah..harga barang dah naik la... .. 6. going oversea to further my study? need to really consider about this maybe in early of May..but for now, finish up my master dulu la kan.. .. 7. Beli rumah semi-D...i really need to find one..kalau x duduk pun, at least leh sewakan..side income kan.. .. 8. Last but not least, find someone who really can take care of me and get married..hahahahah..azam basi yg x pernah tercapai..hu..pity me..tapi ok la, even Dr Harlina got mrried with sheikh muzafar at her early 30's apa..and they happily married apa... .. Ok thats it... i am always very specific with my vision n mission bcoz penting tau azam yg specific ni...kalau x susah nk capai..betul x.. .. so, good luck u guys for this upcoming new year..have a blessed year..hopefully.. :) oh yeah...2013 was very tough and challenging for me...losing my mak it seems like losing my heart...miss her so much.. .. Al Fatihah Sopiah Bt Paimin & A.Kadir Bin Mohammad .. Firefly out


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